EABL Sikera Launch


As part of the much-anticipated launch of their new product, Sikera Cider, EABL tasked us to cover their launch events with the aim of whetting their audience’s appetite with the footage.

The goal of the footage was to announce the brand and leave potential customers craving for the drink. Furthermore, they wanted to keep their audience engaged and interested in Sikera Cider by running the videos on their online platforms.

The online video was to be pieced together from the different launch activities that took place across the country.


  • Capture footage of revellers eagerly waiting for the unveiling of Sikera at the launch event.
  • Capture footage of people at an event where people are having a good time.

Strategy & Solution

We composed a compelling storyboard based on the launch events that would guide us to capture a compelling video for the client with the aim of not only reaching their requirements but surpassing what they expected.

Arlon Mwangi

“The work done was on another level.”

Arlon Mwangi

Empowered by Innovation

EABL Sikera Cider Mombasa Launch
EABL Sikera Cider Launch
EABL Sikera Cider Nairobi Launch
EABL Sikera Cider Launch
EABL Sikera Cider Nairobi Launch
Sikera Photography Nairobi & Mombasa

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