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Provide creative services and design solutions to Kenya Tea Packers Ltd, KETEPA, the leading tea blending and packaging company in Kenya with over 50 products including black tea, flavoured tea, green tea, purple tea, white tea, orthodox tea and herbal infusions.


We’ve injected new life into the brand and it’s products using design solutions that have had a footprint on all their marketing activities, from Point-of Sale, Market Storms and Sales Activations to National Exhibitions and Export Events where Ketepa has showcased Kenyan Tea to the world at international forums.

We also development of creative and thematic campaigns for marketing the brand’s range of beverages. The goal is to engage and inspire their target customers to learn more about KETEPA’s quality products, and choose them over any other brand on the shelf.



  • Streamlined the brand’s range of products and developed a consistent design language for each, with a view of appealing to a younger demographic and changing market perceptions.
  • Upgraded packaging for Herbal Infusions and Flavoured Black Teas, as well as the Logo Identity for Jani Green Teas that would stand out on the shelf at any retailer.
  • Designed the packaging and all marketing materials for newly launched brands – Pure Hibiscus Infusion, Assorted Herbal Infusions, Assorted Jani Green Teas and Keep Pride Loose Black Tea (in a new Clear Jar)

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