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Conduct the first virtual AGM and Symposium in 2020 that would still deliver the best experience, even in the midst of a global pandemic and its accompanying challenges.


  • We created a tailored approach to the AGM Event organisation that created a harmonious hybrid experience designed to reach more participants and enhance quality for the Client.
  • This was achieved with a combination of high quality Live Streams and videography over the AGM Week broadcast on-site and online, a multi-channel Digital Marketing campaign strategy fueled by Content Marketing via social media, as well as a dedicated Registration Campaign run via targeted Digital Ads to the AGM Website we developed.
  • TDM designed the Identity for the AGM reflective of the theme, branded all communication materials, and provided print production services. Lastly, we did Photography and Motion Graphics Design.



    • Highly successful execution of a hybrid virtual event that connected nearly 800 participants from all over Africa and beyond.
    • Setting the standard for hybrid implementation of all future AGM Events and meetings

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