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Anita: Welcome to another episode of the TDM podcast. I am Anita, and I’m with Jackie. We hope that you enjoyed our last episode, where we talked about our favorite apps and the influence they have on our lives. Jackie, what are we talking about today?

Jackie: For today, we’ll be discussing what makes a good campaign. You know that there are so many things that make up a good campaign. We can’t even exhaust them, but we’ll mention just a few that we feel are most important for now.

Anita: Okay, so what do you think makes a good company? 

Jackie: Let me start by saying that this year, as per our prediction last year, most campaigns would be run by influencers, which of course has happened. So most campaigns are run by influencers, and they did a very good job.  

Anita: And also in that more businesses and companies are taking that direction. I feel like that direction brings more traction, followers, and more clients through the influencers 

Jackie: Exactly, and one of the good things about influencers is their ability to be relevant to the audience. I don’t know if you have something to say about that 

Anita: I feel like, in terms of relevance, influencers for whatever ads they’re doing are relevant. What I need is to connect with the influencer, like how do I feel the impact they have?

Jackie: Yeah, is the ad what you are looking for at the moment? Does the ad address you are you in a position to remember it like how many ads do you remember that have been led by influencers at the moment maybe you can one or two um 

Anita: Mostly I think most influencers who are dealing with skin care products are at the top of my mind for someone who’s dealing with skin issues or something obviously we follow those people to know the recommendations for what they’re doing so whatever campaign they’re running, of course, I will be so Keen to know okay this is good for me this is not good for me 

Jackie: Yeah, and also, I feel like they are able to explain exactly how they go about selling on the internet. It’s like they talk to you directly. 

Anita: Yeah so now um do you want to tell us what you think makes a good campaign 

Jackie: Another thing I think is behavioral like tapping into people’s behaviors like what do you do what do you like if you’re a fan kind of a person you’ll definitely be addressed by those uh doing beers kind of stuff positive exactly even yeah so you think that those ads will talk to you daily if you are a mom you find like the diapers thing they will talk to you so your behaviors they are able to tap into who you are they’re able to tap into the picture they say it’s very interesting that if you carry out um carry out at research and you tell people to kind of feel a form of who they are it will be totally different would they really are yeah they’ll tend to project what they want or who they want to do which might not have influence or affect your campaign so sometimes it’s better to sit down observe people’s behaviors rather than ask them well for religion I don’t know what you think?

Anita: Yeah that makes sense for a campaign to work then you have to know the audience behavior so that you can tailor that campaign to so that not to be who the picture to be but um the current moment or the situation they’re in I feel like yeah that makes sense if I’m supposed to create an ad I’ll totally use that direction

Jackie: also it’s quite interesting because this is something I’ve seen work, especially with some Kenyan Brands the consumer connection yeah I don’t know if you have something to say about that 

Anita: At this point again, I think I will go back to the influence. All right, does it make sense? Yeah, when you use the influence apart, what I feel is like when the nano influencers are used, I tend to connect to them more because I know it’s something that they take the brand person instead of just selling because they are as a celeb they are just known everywhere yeah so I feel like I will be connected to someone who really is not all about the money or something someone who is honest about that reviews. I also feel like those Nano influencers are the ones who give honest reviews you know maybe some people can tend to be so arrogant because they are known they have this influence they’ll just give a review because that is the brief and then when you come to the actual product it’s not what they portray to be 

Jackie: yeah to add on to that I feel like Nano influencers they are able to engage because you can relate to them yeah you can relate to their content because they are all about this is big it’s not this is my brand so for that you are able to like until they get to Sam you know yeah and then they’ll be like no I’m no longer that kind of uh influencer yeah I’m a big dog yeah uh also do you feel like originality there’s a part in campaigns 

Anita: A very big part because now uh people tend to connect more with originality if you’re real if you’re authentic, then I will be more interested in whatever you’re selling whatever you’re you’re pushing because I feel like you’re not copying anyone it’s you’re bringing your whole authentic self, to the audience or to the people and it makes it easy for me to now relate or pay more attention to whatever you’re talking about

Jackie: Yeah I also feel like this is uh there is a huge gap in the originality field because we find that most people are copying whatever the next person, yeah and with that, there is something like we are losing the audience so to such an extent when that when you get to see something from you feel like this out of this world and it’s just a simple basic idea that has blown your mind but people tend to want they are looking for I need and out of this world idea. Whereas a very simple idea can communicate your message, it can be original and authentic, and it can still give you that out-of-this-world feeling. 

Anita: I also feel like, in terms of the creative world, it’s becoming more interesting because now a lot of people are looking for ways that have not been done by other people. So, like, there are some people I follow, and they’re doing such a good job for their brands, and you’re like, “Wow, I’m liking this change that not everyone is doing here.” I’m liking this new direction. Even when you see people selling land, it’s not like the way people are announcing on the radio or anything; not even selling land is part of the content, and you’re like, “Wow, who knew now selling land can be content can be this great?” yeah and people are using now drones people are just being very Innovative 

Jackie: Yeah, creativity is actually at its height as we speak, but you can say it’s big because we don’t know what the future holds. So maybe. 

Anita: Yeah, it will grow there. I feel like the future is bright for creatives, especially with the way everything is shifting toward technology. Every single day there are changes being made, so people are also shifting their minds, okay. I don’t want to do this kawaida thing that you are doing when I feel like it, and then the more the creative space now is being embraced by almost everyone, something like 10 years ago, you wouldn’t know being a creative is an actual job. Imagine you’re going to an event that’s a campaign in the form of an event, and you get paid to actually attend.

Jackie: On top of that who knew that we could have the ads Billboards and all that 

Anita: I know if someone was to do a campaign like that as real something to feel as real as it can be I think that should really make a difference 

Jackie: I’m still waiting to Kenya go to the Heights or I’ve seen those things in Asia yeah so and also the Holograms ads 

Anita. I also have another point on what makes a good campaign. I think if a campaign is able to influence me is able to make me buy or purchase the product a certain company is selling I feel like it has to have influence over me or it has to have persuaded me enough to actually be interested in knowing more what about that yeah 

Jackie: Actually on the influence bit I feel like okay it comes through and wonder if we have influencers because they are able to influence especially the animal influences here actually they are good for driving sales and awareness because I feel like they are talking to you directly like this is the person it’s it feels like I know you it feels like we are going through the same we can we have a connection in some way yeah so you’re able to have been influenced by you if you’re using that and it works then it can work for me so I feel that’s a good point 

Anita: Yeah so like on that part of influence do you feel like the major influencers do you feel like they are more on the awareness side to create awareness than the bigger influencers are the ones perfect for that and then the Nano and the other ones who can drive sales? 

Jackie: Yeah, depending on the campaign and the campaign stage, I feel like the mega influences are good for awareness. Of course, they drive sales in a way, and they still have those audiences who look up to them, like, “I just want to be like you,” so they’re able to influence it somewhere, but they’re able to pass the message more. Nano-influencers are going through the same thing that their audience is going through because for me to connect with you like you gave an example for skin care, one of these influencers has been talking about having acne. She has been talking about it, and so many people in the comments section identify with her and are able to try out the products she tries. She started out in such a way that it seemed like she was looking for a cure for herself, but right now I see even the comments and reviews in her comment section, and I’m like, “Wow, this should be an influencer for that, and she’s not known?” But I feel she has even more organic sales to that company than anybody I’ve seen the big influencers doing the same thing so on that I’m with you 

Anita: Yeah and then also I think for a campaign it should be memorable um like some few years back you remember the way advertisements were being done or campaigns were being done they had their theme song and wherever you are like you could master all the lyrics, I feel like for campaign to work so like even when I’m going to the supermarket and I see that particular product I’ll start singing like have you ever found yourself in a supermarket and you see a product 

Jackie: Actually, that’s one thing that people from all walks of life can relate to because you find that you go from Nairobi to the most remote areas in your life. This is the same song for the kids, playing like they’re able to relate because you belong in the same class, so being in a position to remember that this ad ran is a win. 

Anita: Even for children-related products, when they have affairs as well as a particular campaign for children if you want to target fields around children, just produce something that has a song. 

Jackie: And they do influence their parents if you influence the kids yeah in the parents over 

Anita: And then if you go to the supermarket, it’s crazy. Have you ever seen those tantrums that people pull? The kid doesn’t want any other thing. There are so many similar things the kid doesn’t want any other thing apart from that thing. And then they will go home and show off to their friends 

Jackie: Yeah they do that, especially with toys yeah yeah that’s something I think I feel for a company I think that’s a good point yes they should have those themed songs themed colors, and all those because I remember a company it’s a yogurt company I know most of you will know which one it is they used the cartoon characters, yeah they are marketing and every kid wanted to take that and everything like that it worked 

Anita: So much. And then now talking about campaigns do you have any campaign in mind but you are like wow this is such a good campaign 

Jackie: I know of several, but at this point, let me talk about one that we did. We used an influencer, of course, and it was amazing that we used Alby in the Two Rivers campaign. So it was busy actually earlier this year and Alby was supposed to do some stunts in the mall and also engage people in the mall and also it was supposed to create awareness of a Valentine’s Day; Two Rivers Valentine’s events taking place in the mall. So Alby had this padlock. They have lots of love. It’s something that has been happening, and Alby surprised one of the ladies by saying, “If you open a lock with this key, you open the lock to my heart.” Coincidentally, the first lock that the chic tried was opened. It was an amazing campaign; it actually trended on Instagram. I know so many people will remember that up to date I still remember and I’m still like wow, how could she do that 

Anita: Yeah, well, that was quite interesting. I have an interesting campaign, and this is from an international brand, Heineken. It’s called The Closer. It’s like an opener that, when you open that bottle, shuts down all the working apps, and you see now, after COVID, people were indoors. As humans, we need to feel connected, so we need to be around people, so the campaign was actually very creative and interesting. Because now imagine you’re at work; most people have left the office, and we are trying to teach you, “Hey, where are you?”  “Can you just come and join us?” Let’s say we are at a joint. “Can you come and join us?” You think I cannot do everything, and then someone prompts you to go to the fridge and open that beer immediately. You do that, everything shuts down, and you have to come and join us, so I feel like it was a nice way to connect to people. 

Jackie: That’s a very creative way to remind people that we need to be social rather than workaholics. We need to be  social and social media you need to do we need one another actually yeah it was a good 

Anita: And I feel like they also featured an appetite. I can’t remember the name, but it was quite nice to also use someone who’s alone, and also being that alcohol is something that many people will just come together and have a good time with. I felt like it also reminded people who are working that this is not their only life. Come out and enjoy being with your people. Yeah, and just enjoy life and be happy. I feel like even if I were to own a company on Fridays, that would be the drink of choice. Hey guys, it’s time for… we close work if you like it we are playing for better days yeah 

Jackie: They’ll definitely be better. yeah and also I can’t wait for such an app to exist in Kenya 

Anita: I know it will sell out can you imagine having you’re just bored, everyone in the office is just tired imagine it’s Friday and they’re in the office until four and then someone just decides ah let me just take this thing it’s time for everyone I don’t care about your briefs don’t care about anything it’s time for us to relax I think that’s all 

Jackie: Yeah that’s all we had had for today uh those I hope yeah you we are able we have been able to capture yeah the what makes a good campaign if you have any questions you can definitely shoot it to us we’ll be able to respond

Anita: And for services about the campaigns you want to run, we are the people to talk to

Jackie: Exactly